About Us

We are a team of physicians who believe that case-based education leads to better doctors - that we learn best from unforgettable experiences with actual patients.

Unlike traditional textbooks, however - which are expansive, expensive, and disconnected from patient care - there is no standard platform for communicating medical cases to broader audiences. That's why we built MD Cases.

MD Cases is an elegant medical case study platform born from a passion for harnessing technology to help doctors teach and learn more efficiently. Our platform allows students, residents, and attendings to easily create and share medical cases with the world.

The University of Michigan Medical School currently uses MD Cases as part of their curriculum. We are also actively partnering with other medical schools to create curricula involving interactive medical cases.

Contacting us

If you have any questions or coments, please create a support ticket using the ClickDesk chat feature on this page, or contact us at: